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Enchanted Candle Holder: Money Magnet -Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Candle Holder

Enchanted Candle Holder: Money Magnet -Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Candle Holder

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My candle holders are made with crystal and herb blends and hold a tea light. For a more powerful punch you can always add your favorite crystals around the holder, anoint your tea light, or right on the bottom using a dry erase marker. 

Illuminate your path to prosperity with our exclusive Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Candle Holder. This enchanting piece is meticulously handcrafted to combine the energies of Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Heat Treated Amethyst, Basil, Bay Leaves, and Green Mica, all thought to attract wealth and financial abundance.

Crystal and Herbal Properties:

  • Pyrite: Known as "Fool's Gold," Pyrite is a powerful stone for attracting wealth and prosperity. It's believed to enhance financial success, abundance, and manifestation.

  • Green Aventurine: The "Stone of Opportunity," Green Aventurine is associated with good luck, growth, and wealth. It's thought to bring opportunities and promote a positive outlook.

  • Heat Treated Amethyst: Amethyst is a crystal of spiritual growth and transformation. In its heat-treated form, it adds an extra layer of energy, enhancing manifestation and wealth attraction.

  • Basil: Basil is a herb often associated with abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. It's used in spiritual practices to draw wealth and success.

  • Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are known for their protective and wish-granting properties. They are often used in rituals to manifest desires, including financial ones.

  • Green Mica: Green Mica is believed to amplify the energy of other crystals and herbs, making it an excellent addition to this abundance-attracting combination.

Product Details:

  • Size: Approximately 4 inches diameter
  • Materials: Genuine Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Heat Treated Amethyst, Basil, Bay Leaves, and Green Mica crystals and herbs, handcrafted resin candle holder.
  • Candle Compatibility: Fits standard tea light candles (not included).

How to Use:

Place a tea light candle in the holder and light it while focusing on your intentions for attracting wealth and abundance. Meditate or visualize your financial goals as you allow the candle's warm glow to infuse the crystals and herbs with your desires. The combination of these powerful elements is thought to create a harmonious energy field conducive to attracting prosperity.

Note: Each Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Candle Holder is handmade, and as such, the appearance and arrangement of crystals and herbs may vary slightly from the one pictured. This uniqueness adds to the charm and individuality of your piece.

Illuminate your space and invite financial abundance into your life with this stunning Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Candle Holder. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this candle holder is a beautiful addition to any space dedicated to attracting wealth and prosperity. Illuminate your path to financial success today!

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